The work of Peter Dombrovskis is synonymous with the Tasmanian wilderness. Peter photographed using a 5 x 4 inch large format view camera to capture images from the expansive to the smallest detail. 

To create Wild Island's repertoire of Dombrovskis prints, original scans have been digitally re-mastered by master fine-art printer Simon Olding.

"Peter's perambulations into the remote Tasmanian wilderness shaped his love for, and affinity with the natural world - and as a consequence, it also helped to shape ours. The photos that he brought back spoke of a magic land: a place of mystery, a landscape largely unknown; with delicate natural gardens and unbelievable trees; of wild rivers and ragged mountains. In a continent largely modified by humans, the island of Tasmania was seen, rightly, as primeval. It still is". 

Chris Bell, 2014, excerpt from and article written for Australian Geographic in 1998.