Wild Island is the promotion and celebration of Tasmania's wild places through  art and design, workshops and events. We do this by sourcing local, artisan made wares and ethically produced products and curating a yearly calendar of exhibitions, workshops and community events.

From sprawling mountain ranges, to untamed coastlines, Tasmania's rugged wilderness contains some of the last great tracts of Gondwana Rainforest and continues to inspire photographers, artists, authors, designers and explorers.

Currently, almost 40% of Tasmania is protected as National parks and reserves, and 20% of these areas are UNESCO World Heritage listed. Tasmania's World Heritage listed areas feature immense global natural and cultural significance, including pristine habitat for many rare and endangered flora and fauna, and sites of Aboriginal significance.

However, many natural areas still continue to be threatened by logging, private development and archaic laws.

Wild Island stands as reminder of the beauty our generation is charged with protecting, and a celebration of the long and layered story of the island's natural places. We bring nature and wildness to the city and take the people of the city to wild places.



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