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Peter Dombrovskis - Pool of Siloam

Peter Dombrovskis - Pool of Siloam

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Pencil pine at Pool of Siloam, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania

Printed with pigment ink on Canson Platine Fibre Rag, 100% Cotton Rag archival paper. Remastered by fine art printer, Simon Olding, exclusively for Wild Island Tasmania.

A solitary snow-covered pencil pine, hundreds of years old and sculpted by ice and wind, stands by a small alpine tarn.

The Pool of Siloam lies between the wonderfully named Zion Hill and Ephram’s Gate, in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. The ranges in the park are dolerite and form spectacular peaks, dramatically piled with boulders. The Pool of Siloam lies on an alpine plateau amidst a labyrinth of small tarns. 

Hardy flora grow slowly in this snow-sculpted and windswept region. Forests of pencil and king billy pines cluster beneath the peak and ancient cushion plants scatter the alpine plains.