Belinda Hall - Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters
Belinda Hall

Linocut on Kozo Paper
Linseed oil-based inks
Paper dimensions: 30cm x30cm
Image dimensions: 16cm x 16cm

Artist's Statement
Uncharted Waters invites viewers to embark on a journey of hope and discovery. Crafted
as a small limited-edition linocut, this artwork weaves together various printmaking
techniques, evoking a sense of both tradition and innovation. Jig-sawed cardboard blocks,
rolled up with blue blends and golds, create subtle undercurrents creating a perfect
backdrop for the key image printed in black and overlayed on top. The graduating blues
and glimmering golds create subtle reflections, mirroring life’s hidden depths.
At the heart of the composition lies a black key image-a petrel and its shadow. These birds
symbolise resilience and adaptability, navigating the vast expanse of the unknown. As the
petrel emerges from the inked depths, it reminds us to embrace uncertainty, to venture
beyond the familiar and find new solutions.


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