Belinda Hall - Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom
Belinda Hall

edition of 15
Linseed oil inks printed on Japanese Paper
Image size: 50cm x 34cm
Paper size: 70cm x 45cm

Belinda Hall’s linocut, ‘Pearls of Wisdom,’ pays tribute to her teacher mother-in-law. This remarkable woman swam in the ocean, walked along the beach, and championed environmental causes. She read stories to her sons and young charges, infusing them with intonation and expression. Her gift was bringing picture books to life, immersing her audience in wonder and curiosity. After school, she wandered the shoreline, collecting kelp—a ritual that nourished both her garden and her soul.

Belinda Hall’s linseed oil inks on Japanese rice paper capture the essence of fabric and strength. The translucent hues, printed on cardboard, breathe life into marine creatures. Their forms glow like auroras in the early dawn skies. Weedy sea-dragons drift, kelp fronds swirl, and sea anemones wave. ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ serves as a vessel of hope. The rhythmic tides of the sea leave imprints on our hearts. In this linocut, hope unfurls like a seashell—a promise of renewal, of tides turning. As kelp forests diminish, this artwork stands as a beacon. It whispers that beauty endures, and even amidst change, we can nurture the fragile balance between land and sea. Belinda Hall’s creation invites us to tread lightly, honour the past, and believe in the tides of change that await us all.


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