Wild Pepper Isle - Tassie Bush Dukkah

Tassie Bush Dukkah 

Dukkah featuring native spices: pepperberry, kunzea and wattleseed

Available in 60g jar, or 15g mini sample jar
Tassie Bush Dukkah won Bronze medal RTFFA 2021 

Tassie bush dukkah is a great savoury snack for sharing with friends when nutritious food matters. 

Featuring Tasmanian bush food spices this dukkah can be used as a traditional dukkah.

Award winning Tassie Bush Dukkah is Wild Pepper Isle's adaptation of the Egyptian dry mix of roasted nuts, seeds and spices finely blended together.

It features the highest quality wild harvested Tasmanian native and locally farmed ingredients.

  • Tasmanian grown walnuts make up the base of this Bush Dukkah
  • Wattleseed adds another layer of lovely nuttiness and also gives it nice crunch!
  • Coastal Kunzea offers its unique rounded honey and rosemary notes.
  • Mountain grown Tasmanian Pepperberry lends its signature spicey burst of flavour and fresh Tasmanian bush aroma.
  • Local small scale farmers to supply us with cool climate Tassie grown garlic, known for its strong, rich flavour.
  • Locally foraged fennel seeds from carefully managed land for fresh, aromatic aniseed notes
  • Finally, a dash of sea salt from Chris & Alice at Tasman Sea Salt located on the pristine waters of Tasmania’s east coast.


Tassie Bush Dukkah can be served as a starter or snack when entertaining by dipping fresh bread first into olive oil and then into the mix.

Mix with sour cream for dipping crudites

Coat protein or vegetables before grilling

Sprinkle over salads

Apply liberally at bbq’s!


Or just sprinkle it onto your dishes as a versatile nutty seasoning.



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