Thylacine Conspiracy

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Thylacine Conspiracy

Bill Cromer

Thylacine Conspiracy is the story of an extinct animal, a govenment coverup, an inheritance, and a smuggler. The story is set in Tasmanian Australia and is basically about the Tasmanian Tiger and whether it is really extinct or if the Tasmanian government is breeding them in captivity in an effort to protect them. A family sets out from the UK for Tasmania after an uncle dies and leaves them a box of old books. While leafing through the books a picture of the uncle, a former government employee, standing beside a Tasmanian Tiger at an isolated cabin, falls onto the floor from where it had been concealed between the pages. Greed is the motivator that sends the heir and his family off on a trip to Tasmania to find the animal and collect a huge reward.

On the other side of the world a German smuggler accepts a job from a rich American doctor, who has come across a fresh Thylacine hide, to travel to Tasmania to bring him back a live Tasmanian Tiger.

The nephew and his family meanwhile walk into a conspiracy that includes lies, deception, and multiple murders. They run for their lives through a fierce storm barely able to dodge bullets as an assailant chases after them.

The reader can almost feel the tension as the writer pens the scene with sloshing, slippery mud, flash flooding, wet branches slapping them across the face as salty tears flow down their cheeks..

Harris Ford could have played this role perfectly. I see him every time I read the book.

On the flip side the nephews wife has enough grit to face off with the would be murderer and bark orders at him. The unexpected action borrows them time as the killer reels in surprise.


To add even more suspense to the novel the couple have a young son in tow.

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