Bob Brown
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THERA, a young adult novelette by Bob Brown.

Thera is a love story forged in a world of greed and disaster, and now the Therans are coming to Earth.
Should we let them in? Can their story save us from ourselves?

This book is for everyone worried about Earth’s future.

"An important, timely book that's heartbreaking as well as hopeful. We have time. But we have to act. Brown holds a mirror up to our world and helps us see with fresh eyes. An exhilarating achievement." — Nikki Gemmell

About Bob Brown

'A man of conviction, a thoroughly honest man, a man of principle.’ – Alan Ramsey
Bob Brown resigned as leader of the Greens in 2012 and from the Australian Senate in June 2012.  Brown led the Australian Greens from the party's foundation in 1992 until April 2012. In 1978 Bob was appointed director of the Tasmania Wilderness Society and led the campaign to prevent the construction of the Franklin dam. He spent 19 days in prison and on the day of his release, in 1983, he became a member of Tasmania’s parliament. Bob was elected to the Australian Senate in 1996. From 2002 to 2004, when minor parties held the balance of power in the Senate, Brown became a well-recognised politician. He was re-elected in both 2001 and in 2007. Bob Brown was also the first openly gay member of the Parliament of Australia, and the first openly gay leader of an Australian political party. Bob lives with his partner Paul in Tasmania and travels widely. Bob has published a number of books including his memoir and photographic books and poetry books. He has also won many awards, including from the United Nations.


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