Tasmania an Island Dream

Tasmania an Island Dream

Don Defenderfer
Forty South Publishing

'A beautiful ode to the most astonishing island on Earth',
Tim Flannery

'A powerful narrative that portrays a reverent and magical intimacy',
Dr. Patsy Cameron AO

Tasmania: An Island Dream comprises a collection of inspiring stories and poems about areas of Tasmania that the writer and photographer Don Defenderfer has visited over the last 30 years.

From tramping Cradle Mountain to sailing around Bruny Island with musical muses, from the lush rainforests of Liffey to the alpine summit of Ben Lomond, from the magic of Maria Island cloudscapes to gazing at a powder of stars above, this book paints a picture of Tasmania that is both haunting and insightful.

The book also highlights less-known places such as journeying up a small north-east river, listening to real and imaginary conversations in a historic Hobart pub and searching for hidden tunnels under the city.

Included in the book is one piece of fiction that pays homage to the ancient Aboriginal presence and wisdom. The short story is about a traveller experiencing Tasmania for the first time and his dream about the spirits that inhabit the island’s wilderness. The dream could have happened to anyone … and it might not have been a dream at all.

This book will remind every reader that we are all custodians of one of the most beautiful and beguiling places in the world.

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