Sylvie Gerozisis - Flora of Tasmania - Art Print - White Peppermint in Bud

White Peppermint in Bud

'Flora of Tasmania' Fine Art Print

Artwork by Sylvie Gerozisis

Pigment ink print on 100% Cotton Rag archival paper
Open Edition Print
21 x 29.4cm (A4)
To suit 11x14" Frame

This artwork was inspired by Japanese Katagami. Katagami are mulberry paper stencils, which have been laminated with the glue of persimmon juice, and then the design drawn on and carefully cut out.

The intricate and delicate stencils are used in the dying of cloth - often for kimono. Nowadays Katagami stencils have become recognised as artworks in themselves.

‘White Peppermint in Bud’ references Katagami in portraying the original pattern and its resultant image.

“White Peppermint in bud - slow the inevitability of Time.”

Sylvie Gerozisis is a Tasmanian Botanical Artist, whose work also extends to Tasmanian wildlife subjects and landscapes. She studied Fine Arts at Sydney University and Botanical Illustration at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, and has taught Visual Art as well as Design and Technology.

Sylvie works almost exclusively in watercolour, and her artwork often incorporates distinctive elements of pattern and design, which relate strongly to the particular subject. She has exhibited widely over the years and her artwork is held in private collections throughout Australia.


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