Peter Gill - Primordial Land

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Primordial Land
Peter Gill

oil on canvas
35 x 46cm

Translucence - Artist's Statement
Nature has the ultimate power and not just in the retributional sense. It has the power to heal and transport ourselves beyond ourselves and ironically, in a way beyond itself. To a place of oneness where 'things' just disappear- into a form of translucence.

Modern life seems to do its best to obliterate our sense of peace and our connection to nature. We are so fortunate to live in Tasmania where natural beauty abounds, even living in Hobart the vistas can take us back to ourselves. Though we can have experiences like this, it's hard to live in tune with nature with a minimal impact. In my life and my work, I endeavour to approach life with simplicity and mindfulness.

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Type: Original Art


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