Nick Green - Bed

Nick Green

fine art photographic print on archival paper
21 x 29.7cm

A New Eye on Nature - 2023 Tasmanian Land Conservancy Photography Residencies
In 2023, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy ran a photography residency on its nature reserves. These emerging photographers spent a week deeply immersed in three distinctive landscapes. Through its arts projects, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy encourages contemporary and diverse views and understandings of our relationship with and responses to nature. As nature changes in dramatic and unpredictable ways, so too must our representations. These photographs will spark conversation on what nature is, what it is becoming, and how conservation organisations such as the Tasmanian Land Conservancy might respond.

Artist's Statement - Nick Green

My photography serves as a meditative exploration of my environment and inner self. I find myself drawn to solitary environments, often seeking to capture darker, moodier landscapes that relate closer to my internal psyche.

The photographs produced in this series were during a photographic residency supported by the Tasmania Land Conservancy at Eagle Rock Reserve, Marrawah; this was my first dedicated artist residency, which resulted in the ability to focus solely on finding my connections within an environment that was foreign to me.

Immersed in the presence of Mallecua Ericifolia, a ubiquitous plant found throughout the reserve and the NW coast, I discovered abstract branches that sprawl in every direction. These dried limbs echoed the frantic nature of my mind, forging a profound connection between their eerie beauty and my existence. Stones lay scattered amongst the coastline, carved by wild elements over thousands of years; their intricate textures and patterns, scars of their past, visible traces of history and a humbling reminder of my own fragility.

Through my art, I try to capture the essence of time and its movement, merging the lines between what was, what is, and what will be, to create a feeling of self-awareness and connection to the world, reminding us of the intricacy and beauty of nature.


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