Miellerie Honey – Leatherwood – 325g

Leatherwood Honey – 325g

Miellerie Honey

Leatherwood is a gorgeous tree from ancient Gondwanaland that grows in the cold, deep rainforest of the world heritage wilderness of South-West Tasmania. The nectar is a distinctive flavour full of soft aromas of sweet dew from the cold rainforest floor. The four-petal blossom of the Leatherwood flower is a ‘lotus of the air’ where bees gather nectar during the stillness of the hot summer time.

Miellerie means "the house of honey" in French. Yves Ginat began keeping bees as a young boy in France and brought his techniques with him to Tasmania. The subtle marriage of French tradition and Tasmanian flowers, gave birth to his business, Miellerie Honey.

Miellerie honey is unprocessed and unheated, thus maintaining the honey's optimum natural aroma, health qualities, and characteristic crystals. Each of the honeys in the Miellerie range are crystallised, with a smooth, velvety texture that melts in your mouth!


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