Grant Dixon - Huon Pine, Wilson River, takayna/Tarkine Region

Grant Dixon
Huon Pine, Wilson River, takayna/Tarkine Region
Limited edition: 1/25

Grant Dixon - Artist Statement

I am a Tasmanian photographer whose work encompasses landscapes, abstract patterns in nature, travel and adventure subjects. My training as an earth scientist and subsequent professional work in nature conservation over several decades have both influenced the way I view my photo subjects and compositions.

I have a passion for wild places and many of my images have been captured during wilderness trips. In this context, my receptiveness to potential image compositions and my actions to try and capture them become an integral part of the journey.

I have now been exploring Tasmania's wild and wonderful landscapes for fifty years, while also having had the opportunity to visit and photograph many other wild and remote areads of the planet. But the unique characteristics of the Tasmanian landscape, such as its endemic conifers, and the fact much remains under threat or poorly-managed, continue to lure me back and inspire me to continue to document these values.

I co-publish a calendar, Wild Tasmania, with Rob Blakers, and have published two books featuring this Tasmanian imagery, Winter Light and Wild Light.

This work was submitted by the artist as part of Wild Island's Threatened Species Project 2023. One third of the proceeds will go to Tasmanian Orchid Conservation & Research Program and the Swift Parrot Surveying & Monitoring Program (in conjunction with BBF, TWS and GRANT) and will continue to support Friends of The Orford Bird Sancturary.

In 2022 these organisations were Friends of The Orford Bird Sanctuary and the Miena Cider Gum Recovery Program.

Threatened Species Project, 3rd October - 5th November 2023

There are 683 species of plants and animals, including insects and other invertebrates, on Tasmania's Threatened Species List. Yes, there are the iconic ones so many people know about, but there are numerous species that are tiny, little known or ‘less attractive’, which are no less important to our rich and varied eco-system. This new exhibition will expand our understanding of the range & diversity of threatened species and educate of their plight. It also aims to raise much needed funds to go towards their support.

It’s a small thing we can do during an age of climate change, mass species decline and habitat loss.


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