Grace Gladdish - Summit 14

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Summit 14

Grace Gladdish
Hand Painted Linocut

Grace Gladdish- A Brief Bio
Grace’s art practice has been varied, exhibiting work across the disciplines of painting, ceramics, sculpture, collage and printmaking for nearly 30 years.  Currently focusing on printmaking while exploring a fascination with the unique Tasmanian landscape, the artist’s work explores ideas of light and shade, margins and transitions.  Symbolism and metaphor are always just under the surface.  

Grace’s early work centred around the human body and gender. Her work explored women’s issues and the experience of being female in both a cultural/historical sense as well as a physical sense.  A tree-change to Tasmania from suburban Brisbane in 2009 created a major shift in focus. The artist’s family bought a flower farm on the Tasman Peninsula, and the landscape there became a fascination for her.  The natural environment of Tasmania has such an influencing impact on daily life, especially when farming. It was this huge change that impacted on Grace’s art practice as she took the time to really ‘see’ the new surroundings.  Paintings from this period, such as the ‘Sight Seeing’ series,  were transitional, merging earlier themes with this new found fascination with the Tasmanian landscape.  

‘Wherever you are in Tasmania, the landscape seems to make its presence felt. ‘The Mountain’ a dominating presence in my daily life and has made its way into my work, with a focus on the harsh alpine environment. My ongoing work explores landscapes both familiar and alien, tamed and untamed.’  


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