Geoff Tuck - Of The Sky and the Forest

Of The Sky and the Forest
Geoff Tuck

encaustic wax
38cm x 16cm

Geoff Tuck- Artists's Statement, Losing the Light- Works in ink and wax

A yearning for fragments of a past forever lost; echoes of unheeded warnings from a bygone era; apprehension of what may yet be lost. Amidst these emotions is a determination to capture the beauty of Tasmania’s natural expanse in both land and sea, its resilient wildlife, and to reimagine that which has vanished. These are the driving forces that inspired ‘Losing the Light’.

In the fluid strokes of ink, there lies a bold freedom constructed from swift application on paper that is suggestive of unrestrained motion. In contrast, the encaustic wax uncovers a realm rich with layered molten opulence and meticulously incised depths, inviting the viewer to delve into its world of stillness and reflective serenity.


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