Forests Forever - Perpetual Desk Calendar

Forests Forever - Perpetual Desk Calendar

Forests Forever is a perpetual calendar – good for every year – that has been designed for anyone who appreciates trees and forests. It features a different photograph for every day of the year, illustrating the beauty and diversity of trees from more than 45 countries around the world, and covering all the main forest ecosystems on the planet, from tropical rainforests to desert palms, and from mangroves to rare conifers.

The photographs are combined with inspiring and thoughtful quotes from people who have been touched deeply by Nature (including Wangari Maathai, John Muir, Richard St Barbe Baker, Rabindranath Tagore, Rachel Carson, Hermann Hesse and many others) to create a daily statement about the importance of forests that is both compelling and contemplative.

At a time of accelerating deforestation there is an urgent need to ensure that natural forests are protected and restored for the long term on the planet. By providing a daily source of inspiration, this calendar is intended to help stimulate the positive actions that will ensure that there are indeed forests forever in our world.

The calendar measures 120  x  145 mm, is produced to a very high quality standard and comes with an elegant protective slipcase. Drawing on over 40 years of photographing the world’s forests, the creation of this calendar has been a labour of love and it makes an ideal gift for anyone who cares about trees and forests, and their future on the planet.


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