Chris Salmon - No. 5

No. 5

Chris Salmon

Original Artwork
ink, acrylic, oil, charcoal on canvas
91 cm x 91 cm

Surface Tension - An exhibition of paintings and pots.
April 2023

The purpose of surface tension is to maintain the integrity of a system.  Thinking of a painting as an object and a system in its own right, we find tension is created when a focal point is present.  All of the objects in the painting ( colours, shapes, forms and lines) exert a force on each other. That force is not always frictionless.

The tension in the painting is held in the surface; through dimension, spacial ambiguity and distinctive textures, while tension in the surface of the ceramic vessels becomes visibly possible when the structure is unsound. These works have been painted, sanded, drawn on, dyed, broken, stitched and stretched to draw attention to the physical potential of the paintings surface.

Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon is a ceramicist and painter who grew up on a midlands sheep farm but now lives and works on Tasmania’s pristine southeast coast. Chris's observations of the colours and textures of the landscapes and seascapes close to her inform her varied practices.

Known for her rich green and turquoise vessels embossed with twirly ferns and leaves, Chris also creates delicate organic cups and saucers, perfect for a special brew. With a palette ranging from pale and serene to deep and soulful, Chris's vessels replicate the rich variety of Tasmanian vistas.

In her painting practice, works verging on abstraction remain anchored with short-hand gestures to horizon lines and structure, both natural and made. Utilising swathes of negative space and broad sweeps of palette knife and medium, Chris's works are often minimalist renderings of the ways she interprets the landscape.

Chris has a Diploma in Art Craft and Design in Print Making and a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Painting.  She has work in collections in Australia, America, Europe and Canada.

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