Bruce Edward - Marion Bay

Marion Bay

Bruce Edwards

Original Artwork
acrylic on panel (framed)
480mm x 630mm 

After a career that spanned film and video production, writing, publishing, and technology marketing, Bruce's lifelong interest in the visual arts led naturally to drawing and painting in a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, printmaking, watercolour and acrylics. His work covers a wide range of subjects from the figurative to the abstract but his primary focus is the diversity of the Australian landscape, its fragility and ephemeral nature. A long term resident of Tasmania and keen bushwalker, Bruce revels in the island's endless diversity of terrain, geology and landscape.

'My sense of this country is of a place that is both beautiful and sad; the middens and living spaces stubbornly persist against the obliteration of an unthinking present. Everywhere there is the inescapable absence, and presence, of a missing people. In the tasmania I imagine, shadows move through the trees and, if you listen, you will hear their quiet, unshod footsteps.'

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