Belinda Hall - Plate Tectonics

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Plate Tectonics

Varied Edition of 10

Blend-rolled linocut print, printed with linseed oil inks on Japanese rice paper.
Due to the handprinted nature of this technique, there are slight variations in tones of colours.

Image size: 55 x 55cm

Plate Tectonics is made by repeated printing from two separate plates. The image is the same on each, but one’s a reflection of the other.  Eight triangular sections are aligned by eye, hinting at tectonic tension and potential energy lying just beneath the surface. This varied edition marked, VE, has been inked using a blend roll technique, where the ink is rolled in a continuous colour blend and then applied to the block.

The ombre of inky blues adds depth to the image, illustrating the oxygenated water that gives life to the sea. The Iron Pot is used as patterned border that watches over the mouth of the Derwent while the kelp forests swirl, and twist in the currents beneath the surface.  


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