Belinda Hall - Diamond-Bird Star

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Belinda Hall
Diamond-Bird Star

hand printed linocut
Image size: 28cm x 28 cm
Paper size: 40cm x 40cm
Limited Edition of 5.  1 is framed and the other 4 unframed.
Linocut – two plate coloured linocut, tessellated section

Diamond Bird Star is a two-plate linocut. It is hand-carved and handprinted by using small diamond shaped linocut blocks. The small linocut is repeat printed, and the image is tessellated to form an eight-pointed star. The first plate underlays the black image and is rolled in a pink to orange blend roll using linseed oil inks. The second lino block has the key image carved out and is printed in black. The process is a little like piecing together a puzzle or a patchwork pattern design, but with a Tasmanian flora and fauna twist. The design features a straited pardalote with a central leatherwood radiating. The linocut is printed on Japanese rice paper and is part of a small print edition.     

Southern Summer
Part of Wild Island Tasmania's summer group show, Southern Summer with a range of our artists, old and new exploring the wild wonders of our island state.


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