Barbara Tassell - On the Edge

On the Edge
Photographic collage/ Digital print
Print area: 30 x 30cm
Framed size: 50 x 48cm

Barbara Tassell

Barbara Tassell is a photographer and artist whose prints evolve from a variety of photographs taken in wild places around Tasmania. The digital artwork is developed by combining numerous photographs, including close up shots of native birds and animals and of texture in plants, cloudscapes and geological surfaces. These are then layered, blended, twisted and turned until she finds a point of resolution. This process allows her to explore and create within a space of calm, piecing together visual memories of place.

Barbara enjoys the process of creating new designs, thus her work is always fresh and evolving. The colours, patterns and tactile surfaces of nature come together to create other-worldy works which appear painterly and poetic and which are full of movement, yet serene. The artist has created a range of products showcasing her work, including prints, art-blocks, cards, earrings, brooches and bookmarks.

“Collecting images from Tasmania’s natural environment, whether on the coast or in the mountains, takes me to places I love and respect – places of sublime beauty and sometimes challenging weather and terrain, places to be preserved for future generations.”

- Barbara Tassell


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