Anna Berger - Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Swamp Honey Myrtles

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Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Swamp Honey Myrtles

Anna Berger

hand coloured collagraph

Anna Berger utilises the foiled interior of Tetrapaks (think soy milk & liquid stock) as her print medium. She carefully etches into the thin layer of foil and then uses this as her 'printing plate'. If you look closely at each print, you may be able to identify the folds of the original packaging! This clever re-use of an otherwise single-use piece of material defines the size and format of her prints, but as you can see from the incredible depth and range of her subject matter, it is in no way limiting to her creativity.

Anna researches colonial botanists, naturalists and collectors and places the unusual Tasmanian flora and fauna they would have encountered within Victorian style display cabinets and canisters- true cabinets of curiosity! Despite their intrinsic beauty, there is a certain sadness for the immobile creatures within, often with hollow eyes and formal stances.

Each print is hand-coloured with rich and intense pigments which makes each truly unique within the limited edition of prints. These works will captivate you.

Collections: Anna Berger, Art Prints

Type: Original Art


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