Andy Hoggins - One Vision (Peregrine Falcon)

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One Vision (Peregrine Falcon)
Andy Hoggins

Original pencil drawing

Artist's Statement - Andy Hoggins 
The peregrine Falcon artwork I have created for the summer group show is created using faber castell polychromos colour pencil on a1 size drafting film . This medium is perfect for polychromos pencil use, and is extremely colourfast working on this surface. In time the drafting film will not shrink or expand like more common papers will it will not bend or buckle either this archival frame will have this work remain timeless in its appearance and will maintain its true colour also . The frame itself is Blackwood framed by full gamut in Hobart .

This work was inspired by not only for my love of drawing Tasmanian birds but because I had been searching for an image of the falcon that captured its true speed, finesse and focus thankfully we have one of the best bird photographers in the world right here living locally just outside  of sleepy little Hobart town by the name of Barry baker . Barry’s professionalism in capturing birds in their natural habitat is simply breathtaking and thankfully to his passion for photography and my passion for artwork we put our minds in the right place to re create an artwork of an image that we both felt was an absolute must to have on the wall and to be seen and enjoyed.

This work will last a lifetime.
In my research about the falcons and their populations in Tasmania I found that they are not an uncommon bird across the world,  but here in Tasmania their numbers are limited to around 6 to 8 hundred birds in the wild and only a population of 2 to 3 hundred breeding adults. Peregrine falcons have been adored by humans and have been kept and trained for over 1000 years,  their symbolism represents intuition, bravery and freedom but mainly symbolise focus and to be at the top of one’s game.

Evolution has worked its slow magic on this species its highly adaptable.. making it a true survivor in unsuitable conditions, and the falcons high speed, highly skilled hunting capabilities, paired with incredibly evolved eyesight which allows this bird to see 8 times better than a human !! Makes it a top tier Tasmanian bird of prey.

It’s why I’ve given this work the title:


Collections: Original Art

Type: Original Art


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