Till Designs - Tea Towel - Small Pod - Aqua & Mud

Aqua & Mud Small Pod Tea Towel

Till Designs

The tea towel measures 70cm long and 50cm wide.

Hand Printed on 100% linen.

Designed and printed in Tasmania, featuring original artwork by Till Julien.

In 2015 Till Julien created Till designs, a textile design studio based in southern Tasmania, creating contemporary printed textiles for interior decor and accessories.

“Till designs was created to show case my textile designs in a variety of products featuring printed cloth inspired by the shapes and forms found in our natural environment. All the designs are original art works based on my drawings and paintings. The products featured in the range include, cushions, ottomans, table linen, bags, scarves and wall art.”

Till’s designs are inspired by the, forms and patterns found in the natural world. They are initially drawn or painted in a large scale. I then she works on refining and distilling these initial works, pairing back the shapes to an archetype form. Her aim in the design process is to create a seance of the elegance, simplicity, and sustainability. What inspires her is to bring these shapes and forms into the household environment, transforming our living spaces with pieces of beauty and the power of the natural world.

Till aims to create products that embody sustainability as a key design principle. All pieces are created with quality and longevity in mind. She sources organic and natural cloth where possible supporting the sustainable and chemical free agricultural production of our resources.




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