King Of The Wilderness: The Life Of Deny King

King Of The Wilderness: The Life Of Deny King

Christobel Mattingley
Text Publishing

There seemed to be nothing Deny King couldn't do. He was a painter, a tin miner, an environmentalist and collector - Banksia kingii was named in his honour. He spent fifty years living self-sufficiently in the rugged Tasmania south-west and became internationally renowned for his exploits on land and sea. King of the Wilderness brings to life a man of strength and ingenuity, a man who made an endelible impression on everyone who met him.

"Deny King, whose life has been beautifully described by Chrisobel Mattingley, is very much in the tradition of Thoreau and Banfield. I think he surpassed both of them in his heroic committment to wilderness living and the sheer range of his talents and achievements. Compared to Deny King they had it easy... This excellent biography will help a new generation to understand a remarkable Australian".

Review from Canberra Times

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