Colin Schildhauer - Golden Hour, Goats Beach

Golden Hour, Goats Beach

Colin Schildhauer

Original Artwork
Framed oil on canvas board
450mm x 560mm

Bushwalk Beauty - Colin Schildhauer

A Californian amidst the roaring 40s in Hobart where I live, paint and recently acquired a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tasmania. Rugged coastlines, gondwonic temperate rainforest, and unique wildlife were the impetus for my travels. I’ve become spellbound by the unfamiliar textures, colors, and patterns of the Tassie land and seascapes. While navigating desolate country roads, painting en plein air between bush walks and erratic weather, Tasmania continuously leaves me in awe. I hope to express the wonder I experience through my paintings while also preserving images of the beautiful yet slowly vanishing natural landscapes.


The majority of Coilin's works are painted en Plein air across various locations recording the ever changing light over Tassie’s various natural land & seascapes. Colin enters the field with paints and immerses himself  in its surroundings. 'Through meditated observation, I experience the light, color, sound; the weather, sea, sky, and land. My goal is to document the rhythm and flow of these experiences through paint, offering a visual transcendence into the essence of location and universal interconnectedness.'

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