Belinda Hall - Ajar with Blended Blues - Unframed

Ajar with Blended Blues
Belinda Hall

Linocut - linseed oil ink on Stonehenge paper
26cms x 20cm 

This small edition is marked VE (Varied Edition) and is an edition of 6 (including 1/6 Framed)

Ajar with Blended Blues is a hand-carved linocut, rolled up with linseed oil inks in two parts. The outside of the jar is printed in black while the ombre blues have been created by rolling up the internal plate with a blue gradient blend roll. The two pieces have then been jig-sawed together and printed onto Stonehenge paper.

This linocut relates to the stories of a coastline forged through time and turbulent weather patterns where broken fragments are discarded by the sea, worn and smoothed by waves. As with small pieces of broken beach pottery, amongst the fragments lies a bigger narrative of history.


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