Averill Lawler - Salty - Storm Bay

Salty - Storm Bay
Averill Lawler

Oil on Linen
87cm x 66cm

The Gleaming & the Gloaming, 1- 30 November 2022

The gloaming is the time when the light of day fades to give way to the veil of night. A twilight time when the shadows soften, the colours of the sky shift and fade. The water turns mercurial and silvery in the last minutes of the day.

This collection of works is a meditation on how our coastline gleams in the changing light. There are works where the golden sandstone of rockpools shine through a veil of water. In others, the crest of a wave catches the last sunlight as a rain front closes in or the churning water of the ocean takes on a turquoise hue.

Averill grew up on the shores of the Derwent Estuary at Opossum Bay where rock-pools glisten and molluscs cluster. She has long been fascinated by the changing rhythms of the sea and her paintings capture the wild Tasmanian Coast with its fleet-ing light, wheeling weather fronts and southern swells.


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