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Arts & Meditation in takayna - The Tarkine
Arts & Meditation in takayna - The Tarkine
Arts & Meditation in takayna - The Tarkine
Arts & Meditation in takayna - The Tarkine

Arts & Meditation in takayna - The Tarkine

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Four days of inspired living in Australia’s greatest rainforest wilderness.

March 20 at 6am – March 23 at 6pm 2020

“Everyone of us carries within the hidden memory of that first sunrise, and even beyond it into the darkness of antiquity. We are, by means of this primordial memory, which is part of our human heritage, intimately connected to all forms of life.”           Shrii Shii Anandamurti

About the workshop

In the practice of art and meditation the qualities of each complement the other. Thus, intuition and creativity are enhanced by meditation, and spiritual inspiration is heightened by art.

Unspoiled nature has been a foundation for both art and spiritual endeavor through the ages and the ancient rainforest of takayna/Tarkine is their perfect backdrop. In this fragile wild forest and in a world threatened by unprecedented and escalating challenges we will explore spirituality and creativity and also how both may be integral to effective action for the Earth.

Our home for the four days and three nights of the workshop is the Tarkine Trails open-air lodge at Tiger Ridge. Encircled by Australia’s biggest rainforest wilderness, yogic nun Didi Ananda Ashesha and long time practitioner Liila Hass will conduct twice-daily yoga and meditation sessions that will strengthen the body and uplift the spirit. Didi and Liila will also lead workshops on music and writing respectively and Rob Blakers will offer guidance in the art of photography. You are also invited to follow other art forms of your choice.

Experienced wilderness guides will lead us on walks through the temperate rainforest of takayna/Tarkine and down to the lovely Huskisson River, sharing their knowledge and love for this magical part of the planet. There will be plenty of time also for wandering and simply being in this beautiful, life-filled forest.

The intention

The intention of this workshop is to engage with others in spiritual practice and art and to set our minds towards the altruism that the world so sorely needs. To do so while immersed in this Gondwanan rainforest wilderness may well be life–changing!

Meals and accommodation

All meals will be delicious, sentient vegetarian food, locally sourced where possible and lovingly prepared.

Accommodation is in comfortable, twin-share, standing tents that are set within the verdant forest, each one a comfortable and secluded haven.

Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for people with an interest in yoga and meditation, nature, art and the future of our planet! Participants should be of sound general health and be comfortable with walking with a daypack on roughly constructed bush tracks on moderately steep terrain. If in doubt, please contact us.

About the guides

Didi Ananda Ashesha is a long-time yogic nun and yoga and meditation teacher, with a deep understanding and appreciation of devotional music.

Liila Hass is a naturopath, creative writer and international tour guide with over 30 years’ experience teaching yoga, meditation and natural living.

Rob Blakers is a photographer and passionate advocate for the natural world who has enjoyed meditation in wild places for close to 40 years.

For more information

Please contact Rob Blakers (0427) 232 539 for more information, or email Rob at: rblakers@ozemail.com.au