Nicole Jamison - Helena Gum Moth

Helena Gum Moth

Nicole Jamison

Original Artwork
Indian ink and acrylic on canvas
46 cm x 61 cm

Photograph of Helena Gum moth taken at Collingwood River apiary site
Kind permission granted by Simon Grove


Isolation has forced me away from flowers and simple objects and info into a world that is harder to know. Moths have been waiting there all along, behind a fold in the curtain, beneath a petal’s curve. Rendered in Indian Ink, these paintings are love-letters to the hidden creatures in my backyard; the insignificant and the sometimes ugly and unloved. Ink is runny and skittish - ink is like my thoughts during the pandemic, sliding this way and that, dipping into dreams and nightmares. Yet each brushstroke is a mark or gratitude for our strange, fragile, lovely lives.

Nicole Jamison

Nicole paints to find beauty in the world around her. Her last exhibition of still life paintings delighted in small, everyday objects - in teapots, in a simple bunch of flowers from a neighbour, in a burnt stick. In this collection, “Moth”, painted during the pandemic lockdown, Nicole has found beauty in the darker places - in the tiny, transient and often overlooked lives of a world unknown to most.


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