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Birds Of Tasmania Scarlet Robin

Birds Of Tasmania Scarlet Robin

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Scarlet Robin in Black Peppermint

by Sylvie Gerozisis

Pigment ink print on Museo Portfolio Rag 300gsm. 100% Cotton Paper.

Open Edition Print

23x33cm (to suit 11x14" frame)


The male in this painting is a plump little fly catcher, and his sudden appearance (often together with his less colourful mate), in about March to April in southern Tasmania, is a sure indication that autumn is approaching.

The robin will tend to perch and wait in the branches of a tree, such as this eucalypt, and use this platform to fly out and catch insects on the wing or on the ground.

During courtship, the male will feed the female as well as display the white patch on his wings. And while it is the female who builds the nest and binds it with cobwebs, it is the male who continues to feed her even while while she is incubating their eggs.

Quite frequently the nests of Scarlet Robins are used by cuckoos, which then results in the pair having to work extra hard to feed and raise this gargantuan chick in place of their own. 

The pattern along the side of the painting is a stylised representation of the geometric shape of the eucalypt’s flower buds.