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Birds of Tasmania Pied Oyster Catchers

Birds of Tasmania Pied Oyster Catchers

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Pied Oyster Catchers at Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island

by Sylvie Gerozisis

Pigment ink print on Museo Portfolio Rag 300gsm. 100% Cotton Paper.

Open Edition Print

30x24cm (to suit 11x14" frame)


These particular  birds were seen at Cloudy Bay, which is at the very south of Bruny Island. Although the Pied Oyster Catchers mainly occur in pairs, at certain times of the year during Winter, they may be seen around Cape Queen Elizabeth on Bruny Island, in huge flocks numbering in the hundreds.

It is often overcast at Cloudy Bay, and the beach itself pretty much faces the Antarctic. There is a lovely National Park Camping ground there, but to get to it, you have to drive along the back of the beach. This is not always possible, because the beach has two small creeks flowing across it, and when they are in flood, you can’t get to the camp ground.

The pattern at the bottom of this painting symbolically represents those little creeks.