Andy Hoggins - Scratching the Surface

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Scratching the Surface
Andy Hoggins

Original pencil drawing - Faber-castell polychromos artists pencil on clairfontaine pastelmat paper
53 x 73cm

Artists Statement

“Scratching The Surface” is a representation of a Maori octopus commonly found in Tasmania.  

It is with much pleasure I can present this work because personally I find octopuses so incredible...wonderful creatures of intelligence, majesty, and intrigue.  

The interesting pose of this artwork I will leave open to the viewers interpretation, however this work was created with the intention to inspire thoughts of the connections we have with the creatures beneath the deep blue, also  providing the option to explore thoughts of our human connections with one another.

An octopus is generally a shy creature, but it seems proven that when approached in the right way, they can be our ocean friends .Maybe they are scratching the surface of human contact? -just as we try to scratch the surface of our understanding of each other.

This original artwork grew from a hand drawn sketch, layer by layer of polychromos artists pencil, it was a joy to see this work come to life on the paper.

The ocean needs more friends ..
I am a friend of the ocean.

Collections: CURRENT EXHIBITION, Original Art

Type: Original Art


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